The Freckled Soul is returning


For those of you who have visited this blog over the past weeks, you may have been wondering where this blog ran off to. I know I have been away for quite some time. But I have a good reason. I have written and rewritten this post, wanting to come back but simply feeling to weak. My life was turned upside-down...

We are having a baby!

Ok, ok i admit, it was no accident. It just hasn't been an easy pregnancy. From the moment that I was six weeks along in the pregnancy, up until now I have been suffering for morning sickness. And not just in the morning but all day long. I have to say it has gotten better, so right now it's not all day every day. Right now it's about 3 - 4 times a week. At this point I am currentky sick leave ever since. (Let me tell you, I would rather be at work then being sick at home) When I visited my GP,  my blood pressure was way too low. And because I had been sick so much, I was prescribed to rest a lot.

And not only did the baby throw our lives upside down, there’s been lots of things that we had to do for our new home. There was picking out the windows, the bricks, the kitchen… It just never seemed to end. But this week it will end. With just a few things left to decide, the busy time for the house is over and it’ll be just waiting until construction starts. This will most likely be next year February.

So over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking a lot about the blog and what to do with it. I do miss blogging. Just with not feeling too well, it hasn’t been the first thing on my mind lately. So I want to get back into writing, ease back into it. However I can’t promise you x amount of posts a week, all I can promise you is that I’ll do my best. So I hope I will see you all soon!

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