Time to relax


Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend had ourselves a little getaway. The main reason that we wanted to get out of town was that during Ascension Day there was a fair and a “Chiro” party planned in our village. And since we live in the centre of the village that would have meant we would have barely gotten any sleep. So it was an excellent excuse to go and explore to world…
Or maybe not that far. Since it was only going to be a midweek, we decided to stay in Belgium. We booked a gourmet arrangement in Butgenbach. This is a small village in the German-speaking community of Belgium. It originally was a part of Germany. But with the Treaty of Versailles in 1920, Germany had to cede control over this area to Belgium.

We stayed at the Bütgenbacher Hof Hotel which is situated in the centre of the town. It has two buildings, there is the main building and there is the annex building. We were actually staying in this last one. The annex building is more quiet since there are only five rooms. However our room was situated right underneath the roof, which meant it had slanted walls. This was not just a problem for my boyfriend who is quiet tall but also for me. One of the slanted walls was located right at the end of the bed so it meant we needed to be very careful if we had to get up at night to go to the bathroom. Also being located right underneath the room meant that if the sun was out, it became quiet warm in the room.

We mainly stayed in the hotel. We did stop at the Baraque Michel on our way to Butgenbach. But we wanted to take full advantage of the Wellness facilities (fitness centre, gym, sauna, whirlpool, steam bath, hydro-jet massage couch, and a swimming pool). So it really was a relaxation getaway.

The restaurant in the hotel was really nice. We had a four-course meal and a seven-course meal included in our arrangement. The main issue I had, due to the fact that I barely eat meat or fish, there were a few course I had to pass on. But we noticed that other guests had told the staff that they couldn't eat certain products, so their meals were adjusted. so we definitely need to keep that in mind for next time.
But on the whole, we were very satisfied with the arrangement at the hotel. The food was nice, my boyfriend enjoyed finishing the courses I didn't eat. The hotel, both the wellness area as the room, was very clean. The staff was nice. There was a little downside, since the hotel doesn't just focus on Wellness, but it is also a family hotel, on one afternoon the pool was very crowded with little children and there wasn't a lot peace and quiet left.

On our way home we stopped in the German city Aachen to do some shopping and to see a bit of the city. But we were both happy to sleep once again in our own bed!

Have you ever been to Butgenbach?

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