Review: Primark Nail Polish PS (Bronze collection)


Summer is officially over. Welcome Autumn!
Today I am bringing you a review on the Bronze Collection of Primark’s nail polishes PS. I am not sure this collection is still for sale. I bought them back in June, but I didn’t want to keep this review from you all.

I had to consider whether I was going to post this review or not, since there are rumours that Primark is leaving the Belgian market due to disappointing sales. However up until now these are just rumours. And I simply couldn’t keep this review from you.
When I saw these nail polishes in the store, I immediately fell in love with the copper toned colour in the middle. I hadn’t purchased any nail polishes by Primark before. So I had no idea about it’s quality. Although for only three euros, you can’t really expect big things.
And yes the colour is lovely. However the smell was horrible. I couldn’t stand it. And it wasn’t just until applying the nail polish, the smell was stuck to the nail polish. So even upon drying it would keep on stalking you.
Also application wasn’t easy. It takes a while to dry, plus applying the top coat with glitters messes up the base colour. You would think it would do this if the base colour wasn’t fully dry, but after half an hour you would expect it to have dried completely.
This nail polish was such a disappointment, I couldn’t even be bothered with setting up the studio and camera. These pictures were taken with my IPhone, which is still great quality.
This one is a definitely no – no and will be ending up in the garbage bin. I haven’t tried any other nail polishes by Primark. So I don’t know whether it is just this collection or whether the quality of all the nail polishes are the same. 

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