Review: Pink Ambition


Let me just by saying: Thank you for giving bloggers a bad name!

If you don’t live in Belgium, you may not know what Pink Ambition is, as it was only broadcast on Belgian television. Pink Ambition is a reality series featuring five Belgian fashion bloggers. These girls were being followed around in their day to day glamorous lives.
I basically started watching the series because I was following one of the bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, I still follow her, just not as much as I used to. I guess the program may have exaggerated their oh so perfect lives. I sincerely hope they are not so annoying as they were shown on TV.
According to this program, the blogger is an annoying superficial rich kid, who receive free packages all the time. During the entire series, you have not seen them write a single word. They did take a lot of pictures, but that’s it. Then again, visiting their blogs, you can basically summarize their posts into 5 lines of words and tons of pictures.

There have been even rumours about one of the blogger buying her followers.
Let me tell you. I think blogging may be underestimated. It is a lot of work. We don’t just get packages send out to us. First of all you have to prove yourself in the world of a zillion blogs before stores are actually interested in sending you free goodies. I started blogging back in 2011 with my Spanish blog and I am just now getting my first free package. And just one, not ten a day and maybe who knows it might be the only one I’ll ever get. Blogging takes time and sometimes life doesn’t allow us to sit down and write a full page and review it and take pictures and publish it. Sometimes real life just takes priority. And sure, I envy bloggers who can really live of their blog. But on the other hand I think it might be hard to always deliver and I think it’s also hard on your social life, since you are simply writing constantly.

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